Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is God an American?

Vincent Donovan in his book Rediscovering Christianity goes into a tribe as a missionary and tells the people there that "big G" God is much different that the "little g" gods that they had been worshiping. He tries to teach them that God does not show favorites and loves all of the other peoples and tribes equally. Donovan was rather humbled when the villagers asked him about his own home culture and whether they believed that God loved them more than the other tribes. He began reflecting on the ethnocentrism in his own culture and church.

I think we often times unintentionally think that God loves the United States more than the other nations of the earth. Sometimes we put our allegiance to our country before our dedication to the Lord which was never his intention. It probably would not go over very well to stand up in a church today and ask if we have prayed for the people of Afghanistan as much as we have for our troops serving over there. For some reason, I think that Christ's view of the world may look different than our perspective which gets filtered through a very Western lens. Did you know that nine of the ten largest unevangelized cities are in Afghanistan?

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