Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is it worth the risk?

I'm in the process of writing up the risk management policy for our missions organization, Global Frontier Missions. We are about to open up a new location in Atlanta and Houston, and need to make sure that all of our ducks are in a row and that we are up to U.S. legal standards. A lot of the process I find very good as we look at doing all that we can to be accountable and transparent with how funds are used, high standards for your board of directors, background checks for students and staff, etc. It is also good to have policy in place in case some sort of emergency were to occur (earthquakes, terrorism, kidnapping, loss of data). However, some of the stuff that has to be done to make Americans feel safe seems a little over the top.

I have been living in Mexico for 12 years now and preparing to move stateside in October. As I have been trying to get our organization ready to minister in an American context, I am realizing how high of a value our culture puts on security and comfort. We must have insurance; we must try to make sure our organization is as risk free as possible; we have to make decisions based on not getting sued. We actually just had a summer session of our short-term mission trips go from 90 participants to 30 because of the swine fly scare. We have also had people drop out due to the drug cartel voilence along the border which is about 18 hours away from us. I've heard many sermons where the pastor says that "faith is spelled R-I-S-K". So, I'm just trying to figure out the balance between due diligence (we would never purposely put someone in harms way) and the risk that is always going to be a part of cross-cultural missions work. Jesus said that he was sending us out among wolves, that the world will hate us, that we will have troubles, and that we will be his witnesses (greek word martyrs) throughout the whole world. I'm just glad that Father didn't tell Jesus, "Son, you probably shouldn't go down there to planet earth because it is dangerous and you might get hurt or sick." If anyone has been able to reconcile being cautious and careful with the kingdom of heaven advancing with force, I would love to hear your comments.

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