Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interesting Muslim Demographic Predictions

I was sent this link by four different people last week, so I figured that there must be some buzz around it and that people would be interested in the video. It has some fascinating figures concerning Muslim biological growth, convert growth, and immigration patterns.

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  1. The efforts to populate the world by the muslim faithful has become very visible in some circles of the christian church. However, more and more are afraid to say anything since that would not be tolerant of someone elses beliefs. Somehow we need to bring to light that the message of Jesus Christ is the answer for this dying world not the angry God of the muslims. We both started with Abram and then went down two very different paths, both talking about the same God of the universe. Somehow the arab decendants lost the Grace, the Love, the desire for the relationship by God. All they have is work, to satisfy. And if that is all there is in this world then they are going about it correctly. The larger the family, the more you can do to get right with your god.

    It is fantastic that our God has done and does all the work for the relationship He wants with us. All we need to do is listen and talk with Him, and learn from Him to have the relationship.

    I think we have been told so long that muslims are wrong and evil, that we are afraid to try to understand. Hopefully, we will be able to break through that falsehood and get more christians mobilized and fired up to show the world what God really is and does.